Unger Stock Ticker


Pride and satisfaction will be yours in owning this limited edition, reproduction of the Edison and Unger Stock Ticker

This beautiful reproduction of a 19th Century Stock Ticker is based on the early prototypes manufactured by Edison and Unger.

Meticulously detailed and elaborately designed by Klaus Berner, a celebrated Victorian machinist. This actual scale reproduction utilizes brass, cast aluminum, cloth covered wires, and ticker tape materials seen over 130 years ago. The ionic glass dome highlights the patina coloring of the metal.

This beautiful non working reproduction of the Edison & Unger stock ticker machine will captivate everyone who sees it.

Over 125 individually custom manufactured parts were used to replicate the Edison & Unger stock ticker, including:

  • Custom machined screws
  • Precisely milled brass assemblies
  • Individually hand polished and lacquered parts
  • Hand blown glass dome
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Hand wound copper coils
  • Custom ticker tape (which can be personalized)

Annual Production is limited to 125 units worldwide.

In stock




  • Hand Blown glass dome
  • Solid brass and steel assemblies
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Custom Ticker Tape (available personalized)
  • Does not include wood pedestal base


  • Height (Dome/Stock Ticker/Cast Aluminum Base) – 16 “


Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 16 in

Klaus Berner, Project Leader and Machinistteam_kberner

Mr. Berner is the owner of the Berner Machine Labs. He oversees all aspects of the Stock Ticker project, from ensuring that the individual parts are properly manufactured to “road testing” each machine for reliability.

Richard Berner, Master Machinistteam_rberner

Mr. Berner is responsible for the schematic drawings and calculating the precision tolerances for the Stock Tickers.

Brian Murphy, Electronics Specialistteam_murphy

Mr. Murphy was key in the interface between the computer and the Stock Ticker, and in the function design of the pedistal.

Each Unger Stock Ticker is covered by a two (2) year limited warranty beginning on the date of purchase. During the warranty period we will repair or replace defective parts without charge to you. The Stock Ticker Company warrants that the Stock Ticker will be free from defects in the material and the workmanship. We will not cover abuse or misuse by a customer or authorized distributor; this includes broken glass, broken or stolen parts, tarnish, or other damage caused by carelessness. We must be notified in writing of the defect during the warranty period. For any repairs performed or replacement parts provided that are not covered under this warranty, normal service policies shall apply, and the owner will be invoiced for all shipping charges..