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The Heartbeat of Wall Street is here

The Stock Ticker Company allows the world to listen to the Heartbeat of Wall Street by manufacturing working and non-working 19th-century Stock Tickers. The paintings, machines, books and other Stock Ticker related products produced by the Stock Ticker Company, celebrate financial history innovation and human accomplishment. A skilled team of machinists, craftsmen, artists, writers, historians, and graphic designers are responsible for these irresistible and fascinating products.

The Stock Ticker Company, originally founded in 1964 as a family owned insurance business under a different name, evolved into a successful education-based company. Today, the Stock Ticker Company reflects our love of history, and strives to bring it to life for people to enjoy.

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village is the business partner of the Stock Ticker Company on the Stock Ticker project. WIthout the assistance and support of the Museum, this project would not have been possible. Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield village houses extensive archival and documentary resources regarding Thomas Edison’s life and his early inventions. All of these resources were made available to the entire team to help conceptualize and manufacture historically accurate and beautiful Stock Ticker reproductions.

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